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Surveys & Investigations

Where an existing building is to be altered a measured survey of the existing building is essential, usually at Feasibility Study stage; and where a new building is to be built a site (land) survey is required. I carry out measured surveys of existing buildings and sites where these are required in connection with design work.

In the case of large sites or where the topography is complex it will be more effective to engage a specialist land surveyor to to this work and I can sub-contract such work with your agreement to suitable firms.

I also carry out Inspections of existing premises.

Any of a number of additional specialist surveys may also be required, often before a Planning Application is submitted. I don't do these myself, but I will obtain quotations on your behalf.
They include :
  • Asbestos Survey (legal requirement in almost any existing building; but except for houses and flats the building owner should already have carried this out some time ago)
  • Bat survey (legal requirement in any old building where bats may roost)
  • Ecological and wildlife surveys (may be required in rural areas, and in urban areas where there is any reason to think the site is occupied by protected wildlife)
  • Ground contamination survey (essential on former and current industrial sites and may be required in other cases, such as proximity to a former landfill site)
  • Timber Survey (where decay may exist in an existing building)
  • Tree Survey (essential where a Tree Preservation Order is in place or the site is in a Conservation Area)

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